Should You Call a Professional Car Locksmith or DIY

With all the resources available online nowadays, most people feel as though they can pretty much do any project without hiring a professional auto locksmith. While that may be true for some projects, others may still require a professional to ensure that it is done right the first time.

One such project is converting a car’s locking system from manual to electric. This has become quite a popular project nowadays, due to the convenience and better safety levels that electric locks offer when compared with manual locks. For instance, with manual door locks, you may have to check each door to make sure it is locked. However, an electric door locking system guarantees that all the doors are locked at once.

There is plenty of information out there showing how to carry out the conversion as a DIY project. Similarly, there are other websites that dissuade car owners from doing it themselves. So which way should you go?

To Go Alone or Go Pro?

There are various advantages to a DIY project. For instance, you will only spend money on the items needed for the conversion, so no labor costs for the professional locksmith since you are doing it yourself. In addition, the process of trial and error can be a learning experience for you, and you know there is no price you can put on gaining knowledge. There is also that invaluable feeling of ‘I did that!’ when you finally finish the work and the new locking system works.

However, trying to do this conversion on your own will present some very real challenges. While you may be saving money on labor, you could spend more money on tools that you may never need again. For instance, one of the tools needed for the conversion is a door-handle removal tool. Once you have completed the conversion, there may be no real use for it anymore. If you went with a professional, you would get the benefit of these tools without incurring the cost of purchasing them.

Should You Call a Professional Car Locksmith or DIY

In addition, the trial and error element of DIYs may be great, but you do end up spending more time on the project and you may even do some other damage to the locking system in the process. For instance, installing the electric locking system requires you to place the power actuators at an optimal location within the car door.

Finding this optimal location will take time and placing it in a wrong location may damage the manual system and cause the electric system or car sound system not to work either. Having a professional do this for will guarantee that there will be virtually no risk of damage to your car and that the job will be done in the shortest time possible, due to his/her experience.

When you take of that door panel, there may be certain issues with the manual lock that only a trained eye can observe. So, troubleshooting is also a problem when it comes to DIY lock system conversion, making a professional locksmith in Charlotte a better option.

Choose your Projects

While it may be smarter and more affordable to do some simple projects on your own, like getting your keys out of a locked car, it is certainly wiser to let the professionals do the more complicated ones.